Ryde 10 2016 (HRRL Race 7) Race Report

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Firstly, sorry for the slow report from the Ryde 10, hopefully it will be worth the two week wait.

On Sunday the 7th Febuary 2016 a mix bag/intrepid team of 4 New Forest Runners (Sue Werne, Anyd Chase, Frank Handy and Matthew Cafferky) travelled back in time to the 1970's.... I mean travelled on the ferry over to the Isle of Wight for the Annual Ryde 10 Race located in (the give aways in the name) Ryde, Isle of Wight.

As always with races on the island this meant either an early ferry from Lymington (7:20 depart) or a 50 mile drive to portsmouth for the next quickest ferry. We went to the Lymington Ferry option. The weather on the day was chilly but given the rain and the wind from the previous day (and also as it turns out later on sunday evening) it was broadly accepted to be nearly ideal conditions for a 10 mile road run in Febuary.

A chilly West to East wind (or Westerly in nautical parlance) meant that the route would only really expose the runners to any head wind at about mile 9; other than that the route was well sheltered and quite pretty in place.

Numbers collected and Warm ups completed we may our way to the start. The first mile would include a small loop of the Ryde lake and then straight up one of the biggest hills on the route for about three-quaters of a mile. The route had been chaged since 2014 but sadly the race organisers had chosen to leave this climb in (sods!). That being said the next mile was flat or broadly down hill bringing us back to the sea wall and heading eastwards/clockwise round the shore of the island.
Mile 3 and 4 contained some more climbs and turns but nothing in the same scale as the first climb

At Miles 5 to 6 we had a nice down-hill and a less nice up-hill section round the village of st Helens. It was around this point where those of us at mile 4 passed (in the opposite direction) those at mile 6. Its an impressive sight, especially for those of us typically far enough away from the winners to not really see how quick they run.

Some noticable climbs followed through miles 7 and 8 with a very sigificat 'saw-tooth' hill climb greeting us at mile 8 though to 9. Last climb done there just a flat section before a big down hill to the finish; saldy running quickly on this flat section was hampered by the suddenly noticable head-wind. Happily this only hampered our progress for 0.25 miles and then we were rewards with 0.75 miles of downhill followed by a hair pin turn to the finish line!

We all got in before the rain started; sadly not enough for a mens or a ladies HRRL team but there were some strong times including PB from Sue Werne. Our times were as follows:

No Time Chip Time Name Club POS GEN GEN POS CAT CAT POS
92 1:00:38 1:00:37 HANDY, Frank NEW FOREST RUNNERS 14 M 14 SM 10
41 1:06:47 1:06:45 CHASE, Andy NEW FOREST RUNNERS 49 M 48 M45 11
28 1:14:19 1:14:02 CAFFERKY, Matt NEW FOREST RUNNERS 122 M 111 SM 48
467 1:24:45 1:24:28 WEARNE, Sue NEW FOREST RUNNERS 256 F 64 F50 9

All in all: a nice day out on the island. Good conditions and a race I would recommend to anyone in the club looking for a nice 10 mile race early in the year.