CC6 Race 6 - Denny Wood

It certainly was blustery at the start with ample mud throughout, the odd gravel track thrown in (phew!) followed by more squidgy mudstacles. It was very rewarding to see so many NFR's in the field today at our second largest CC6 gathering of the season. The cakes were rewarding too! 28 NFR's in total (15 men + 13 ladies) including six new faces! We extend a warm welcome to our new CC6 recruits and hope that the day's events didn't scare them off! The ladies' team deserves first mention of course, with sterling performances by Hannah, Holly and Karen in 2nd, 3rd & 9th places respectively. The mens' team was led by Conor, Steve, Andy and Jimmy in 7th, 14th, 21st & 31st respectively.

The was our final 'runable' CC6 of the season. The final race is hosted by none other than the New Forest Runners on 6th March at Wilverley Plain. Volunteer marshals are needed to help us put on a good show, so please get in touch via Facebook > New Forest Runners > Events.

Don't be sad that it's over! There will be plenty more events in the spring and summer season with the advent of the RR10 series of races. They start in April, they are equally short, sharp and traditionay run on Wednesdays. If you know of them, you're probably rubbing your hands with anticipation already. If you haven't experienced them before, a great series of event awaits you as the weather improves and the days get pleasantly longer. More news will be made available closer to the time. In the meanwhile, please find the latest results. Well done team!

Conor Lopez   7
Steve Wardle V40 14
Andy Chase V40 21
Dimitri Elenis V40 31
Andrew Moody V50 35
Jon Evelegh   40
Michael Turner V50 43
Chris Mead V40 55
Neil Harvey V50 58
Rod Harnett V40 59
Terry Walsh V60 70
Martin Baker V50 72
Charles Fox V60 73
Darren Price V40 78
James Kerr   84


Name (Women) CAT POS
Hannah Froud   2
Holly Collier   3
Karen Wardle   9
Katrin Pritchard V50 15
Katherine Charles   17
Sue Wearne V50 18
Sheila Nash V50 21
Catherine Pascoe V50 31
Jackie Ferrier V40 39
Katrina Turner V50 43
Elaine Lopez V40 44
Selina Rizza V50 49
Kathy Tilbury V40 50


Full results will be made available on the CC6 website soon: